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Car Driving thru a Gated Community with a Outdoor Touchscreen Interface

How Much Does It Cost To Gate A Community

In today’s world, security and convenience are paramount, especially in community living environments. Homeowners Associations (HOAs) often face the challenge of ensuring the safety of residents while maintaining a seamless experience. To address these evolving needs, TEKWave proudly presents its…

Enhance Your Security with TEKWave Solutions

Enhance Your Security with TEKWave Solutions

Enhance your security and protect your personnel and property investments with TEKWave Solutions. With a focus on providing vehicle access control at gated properties, TEKWave offers automated gate access control, compliance, and innovative security solutions. Whether it’s securing distribution centers,…

TEKWave solutions for Commercial Visitor Management


What is Commercial Visitor Management? Commercial Visitor Management refers to the process of managing and controlling the entry and exit of visitors in commercial or business settings. It involves the use of technology and systems to streamline the visitor check-in…